Welcome to my piece of the web and thank you for  stopping by! My name is Amina AbNa Alfred, I am a Vegan Chef and my creative cloaks are Lady Hummingbird Culinary Arts in cahoots with ARAMINTA 5. 

My story is quite  simple...I am a CREATIVE. Over the span of the last sixteen years I have  been journeying through the unending path of self development; both personally, professionally and artistically. I am an admirer of positive  cycles and the passing on of good medicine. As I drew nearer to a major  birth shift during the latter part of 2014 - 2015 into the now present,  that familiar inner callings for me to stop once more, self analyze and redefine my own reality and vantage points was again nigh. I am  back in the womb, excited to experience yet another season of self  expression FULL THROTTLE!  

I remember as a young child having aspirations of becoming a scientist.  The thrill of combining different things together, observing the process  of what would happen and then troubleshooting to figure out how and why  the end result came about was simply amazing. This early curiosity I  had was greatly informed by my creative expressive mind and my formative  years being immersed in a home that was always filled with the rich  aromas of something savory, sweet and delicious either cooking or baking or both! 

This being the science of cooking and the joys (or pain lolol) of eating.  Lucky for me, both of my parents enjoyed cooking and hosting. I  took a keen interest at a very young age, in how my mother would execute  multiple dishes in large volumes with seemingly such ease and how our  guests would rave and sincerely enjoy her food. 

Looking back, now that I  do the same both socially and professionally, I've come to realize the  diverse and often unsung skills this endeavour requires. I therefore thank and give credit to both of my folks for planting the  culinary seed in me that would steadily grow and bring forth good fruit.  I believe good food is therapy and does more than just quell the pangs  of hunger. For the captain of the kitchen it is the opportunity to create an entirely joyful multi-sensory experience simply by using  carefully selected ingredients, techniques and embodying the right state  of spirit.

My cultural background celebrates flavours from the Caribbean,  first and foremost Trinidad and Tobago which is the birthplace of my  parents. I however, could not be who I am without also acknowledging my West Afrikan origins along with my Canadian birth. 

With these locations  in mind, combined with my love and curiosity for other global flavours, my aim is to tell engaging stories, while invoking nostalgia creating  something familiar yet new and memorable through the wielding of my spoon. 

And so, from the shores of Afrika to the beaches of Trinidad & Tobago landing in Toronto Ontario Canada, I Lady Hummingbird continue to journey many a mile bringing with me the expected tidings of great joy  and great food! Created with love, community, culture and adventure at  heart, I invite you to join me on yet another memorable taste voyage.  



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Because I am dedicated to creating delicious and memorable taste experiences, my menu is ever changing and growing, therefore feel free  to drop me a line, peep the pics and inquire about what's cooking :)    

``You Go Chop Well Well!``